To answer the most frequently asked question: "How much does a Solar Power System cost?"
is to ask "How long is a piece of string?" It all depends on what you are looking for, your
budget and your needs. Unfortunatly there is no such thing as "standard" in solar
PV systems, as everyone's requirements and situations are different. We at GPS find it
important that each and every one of our solar electric systems work. That's why we only use
the best available solar panels, inverters, regulators, battery banks and other components.
A solar electricity system can best be seen as a (mid)long term investment with savings up
to 95% and even more.

On average, a household system can be earned back within 5-6 years. After this time
you will still have about 20 years of free solar electricity. With the current costs and rates
increases over the coming years, a solar electricity system will be signficantly cheaper than
using electricity from the grid.

As Financial Credit providers are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint and earn
"carbon points", many of South Africa's leading banks now offer financing options for
solar electricity projects and systems.

GPS is happy to make a budgetary design and quotation for you. The only thing we ask
you is to fill in an inventory load list with your lights and appliances so we can calculate
the necessary components for your solar power system. You can download the form here or
send us an email to