“Every day, the Sun supplies the World with much more energy
than we all need.” 

We just have to start using it and turn it into Solar Power!
Working on sustainable power solutions future for all.

Green Power Simplified specialises in the Design, Supply and Installation of Fully
integrated Solar electricity systems both Residential and Commercial, a reliable, sustainable,
eco-friendly source to supply the power you need. The world is becoming increasingly aware
of the dangers that fossil fuel based power supplies pose to our environtment.
The alternative choices for clean, sustainable and eco-friendly power generators are
numerous. Such as Hydro-electricity, Wind power, Geo-thermal heating and, our specialty,
Photo Voltaic Solar Energy.

Photo Voltaic Solar Energy is fast becoming a much needed and affordable alternative to
fossil fuels. With the ability to power anything from small households to large factories,
rural community services, schools and even entire towns. Its many forms include solar
geysers, solar under floor heating, solar electricity and solar pumps.

All of this power, purely from harnessing the rays of the sun.