Our Solar Products and Systems

GPS designs Solar Power Systems that take into account both your requirments and budget,
thereby giving you the most energy efficient and cost effective, high quality Solar Power
System possible.

Static Solar Power systems
Our static solar systems are built from the best quality components and technology
available. Solar panel arrays are constructed on your roof or on a free standing heavy duty
structure. The regulators, inverters and batteries can be housed in either an existing
space or in an easily installed pre-wired container.

Mobile power plants
Our mobile solar generators are made to suit African conditions. The system sizes can
generate between 1 and 5KW of power, are fully mobile, self-contained and include solar
panels, inverter and a back-up generator. Within 45 minutes of parking the trailer you will
have your completely off grid and self-sufficient solar electricity system up and running.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
Battery back-up power supplies are a must for many businesses, medical facilities and
security firms. GPS supplies self contained "plug & play" battery banks that can offer
autonomy for up to 14 days (depending on the system requirements).

Standardized Solar Sets
For an easy entrance into the solar applications we put together some "standard" entry
sets from a simple lighting system up to a full off grid system producing over 27kWh per
day. All these systems are easy to change and adjust to your personal needs, whether that
is a battery back up system or a complete off grid solar solution. Installation
of the smaller DIY sets can easily be done by yourself but for the larger ones we
reccomend having it installed by a professional.
You can start your search with the information about the different sets which can be
found here.

Additional Components
In addition to design, supply and installation of new solar power systems, GPS also offers
you the opportunity to purchase additional solar panels, solar batteries. charge controllers,
grid inverters, bi-directional inverters and battery monitoring systems, that you may need to
improve your existing solar power system.