Audit & Advice

Our aim is to make entry into renewable energy simple and possible.
GPS solar power systems are completely flexible and designed to fit each indivual home,
lodge or business's needs. The process usually starts with an audit and advice phase.
A detailed audit form is supplied for completion. From this inventory load list, an
estimated solar electric system is worked out, in order to give the client an idea of the
costs and options. Once this has been discussed, a follow up site visit is conducted to
confirm the power draw of the establishment and the specific system required is then

System Design

GPS will audit your needs and design the best system to suit your requirements.
The systems we design can be an off grid solar power system, supplementary solar pv
system or a grid tied solar electricity system. If for a Home solar power system or a
commercial solar power system, all of our components are sourced globally and are
manufactured to the highest specifications, ensuring a fully intergrated and complete solar
power system that is installed and ready for use.

For Example:
GPS does a complete audit of all your electricity powered items in your home, and where
available, makes use of your annual electrical usage figures. From these results we design
a system for either "on grid combination" use or "off grid" use. In other words, with or
without Eskom power. For instance: Solar Systems may consist only of PV panels, a
controller and inverter, but many also include a battery bank for 24/7 solutions. For
those occasional "no sun" days, a generator can also be added to the system, or the
Eskom grid could serve as a back-up power source.

Temporary sites and rural fly camps

Here GPS would design a fully mobile trailer that comes with the complete system
requirments including a backup generator. This can then be relocated each time the camp
needs to be moved.

Supply & Installation

By using certified electricians, technicians and assistants, installation duration can be kept
as short as possible. The installation usually includes separate distribution boards for the
solar power system, inclusive of lightning protection, protection for each compontent, inline
fuses for the battery bank short circuit current and all cabling.

Generator Optimisation

Lets your generator run in the most optimal sequence to charge a battery bank that will
supply you with power. This is the first phase to get a complete solar solution in a step
by step plan. Generator optimisation will result in reducing your fuel costs significantly.
A nice side effect is the silence.